Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

This is our Christmas card made by my lovely friend Lauren Clark. I love love love this time of year and I am so glad to have my first Christmas as a married woman! Woo Hoo! Merry Christmas y'all! : ) ... a little Texas spirit!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Kristi and Dustin Wedding

This past Saturday was Kristi and Dustin's beautiful wedding. I was really excited about this wedding because Lauren Zaffos came to be my second shooter. She's wanting to get into wedding photography since she's mainly doing seniors right now. Anyway here's some favs...

This one's weird but I liked it

Me and Lauren. This was a huge ball on the Christmas tree.

I'm backkkkk

We got our new computer set up so I'm back to blogging! I can't believe how fast our computer runs photoshop! It makes me realize how slow our last computer really was. I'm so glad that frustration is history!! I'm still playing with the colors on this computer so if these pictures look too red or blue or too ANYTHING please please tell me so that I can make some changes. I would appreciate the feed back!
This is Heath and his girlfriend Meagan. Heath wanted some pictures of himself for his mom since he'll be graduating in May. He brought along his girlfriend so of course we had to get some of the two of them! All these are at Tech so all the backgrounds look the same. Here's the favorites...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas at the Huffman house

This has been a very exciting past few days at our house! Our brand new computer came in, we got Lost season 3 and I got my second 5d! It's Christmas time and we're celebrating!!

I'm really pumped about this computer! For you tech nerds out there its got a 24 in. moniter, quad core processor and a terabyte of memory. Woo hoo! I'm mainly excited because it's going to be lightning fast!

(for those Lost fans out there Sawyers on our tv in the background)

Shane holding the new monitor



It might be a little bit before another blog because we have to transfer everything from our old computer to our new one. Later!

Wes and Franci

This is Wes and Franci. They are one of our favorite couples at our church. Could it be because they are the closest to our age by 30 or so years. Could be. They wanted some simple pictures for their Christmas card so we got these by our churches tree last Sunday after church.

My Favorite Christmas Treat!

It's that time for PUPPY CHOW! I love puppy chow! The other night me and Shane made some and it hit the spot! You should make some too!
All these pics are in black and white because I hate the lighting in our kitchen! It turns everything yellow. Instead of taking the time to white balance I thought I'd just turn them black and white.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Joel+Kristen Engagement

I just love Kristen and Joel! Joel and my husband Shane are fraternity brothers and me and Kristen were in the same sorority. (for the semester that I was in...) They are one of the most Godly couples I know and it shows. They treat each other so kindly and they are so affectionate to each other. They've become one of me and Shane's couple friends and I'm so excited to be apart of their wedding day!

A or....