Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Saturdays are high demand

Since I have to work on Saturdays because I'm a wedding photographer and have been having to book a lot of sessions on Saturdays because of peoples schedules I'm going to add an extra charge for Saturday sessions. I want to explain myself. I've seen photographers do this before and have kinda thought it was greedy, but since I have no Saturday's open in April due to sessions I have decided it doesn't seem greedy at all, but it just makes since. Saturdays are pretty priceless to us photographers because we really don't get a weekend. We have stuff going on during the week and weddings going on during the weekend. So that's why I made my decision. The end. : )

This picture has nothing to do with anything besides the fact that I like it. It's from an old session that I had a lot of fun at. I keep telling this girl to try out for ANTM! She's beautiful!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

9 months...

Today marks 9 months of being married! Holy Moly it's flown by! Shane suprised me today with
- a chocolate easter bunny- yummy!
-my favorite gum
-knee high socks- my favorite!
-and the worlds sweetest card

I love you Shane and I look forward to what the next 9 months has in store!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Free Destination Weddings!

Me and Shane LOVE to travel and want to travel as much as possible before we have kids so we offer free destination weddings. We're even pretty lenient on what we consider destination. What's not destination for you might be for us! We just booked a free destination wedding in Boston and we are thrilled. Feel free to shoot us an email to inquire if your wedding location would be considered destination to us!

Boston Skyline

Saturday, February 23, 2008

more photoshop fun

working on cross processing....
here's before and afters.

In this one I made myself extra skinny and enhanced some areas to show liquifying on photoshop

Roommate Found!

Halleluiah I found a roommate for Vegas! This is Karie McLain and I tracked her down on the Anti- Workshop forum. She's from Colorado and is a full time photographer. It took a lot of searching but God took care of me and found me a roommate. Check out Karie's stuff here. (I stole this picture off of her blog)

Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm going to the ANTI-WORKSHOP!!!

Ok! So here's my story! I have been on a waiting list to go to the Anti-Workshop and yesterday I received this email... (you'll have to click on it to make it large enough to read)

So I was so pumped and wrote this back...

Then I realized that Dalisa had already sent out this email... whoops!

So to apologize I sent this. I never really thought they would let me in.


So now I'm having a panic attack. I am so scared to fly alone and I don't have a roommate in Vegas! If anyone knows of anyone going to this workshop that needs a roommate then send them my way!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

my pups

Some more pictures from yesterday...
It was such a pretty day yesterday! What the heck happened??

I love making their noses look huge! It cracks me up!


Raider's much more cooperative with the camera then Steve is!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Raider is a BIG girl!

My little girl is almost 7 months old and growing still! I took this picture of her today in our back yard and I am just floored at how different she looks in just 5 months!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

If you start something you should finish it...

Since I told you one of the tips I have for a healthy successful marriage last time I thought I'd finish my list today...

Tip 1- Communication
What a loaded word! Work on communicating with your partner and understanding of where they are coming from.
Tip 2- Date night
Set aside a night that is devoted to each other. (Ours is Tuesday nights) Give each other quality time not in front of the tv. Go out and play together.
Tip 3- Learn to live together
Let things roll off your back. It's really not that big of a deal that your spouse leaves a dirty dish out every now and then or forgets to put the toilet seat down. Roll with the punches because in 30 years none of that will matter anyway.
Tip 4- Weekend Getaways
Amen! As you saw in my last post I'm a big believer in this!

Since I've been married for 8 months these are all the big tips that I've filed away in my head. Maybe in another 8 months I'll have more!

Sunday, February 17, 2008


So on Valentine's Day morning my husband woke me with breakfast in bed and news that he booked us a night at a bed and breakfast! I was so excited because I had never stayed in one before but had always wanted to. We went to Rusty's cottage in Post, Texas. (It's 45 or so minutes outside of Lubbock.) It was amazing. Our own private cottage with an oversized king sized bed, Jacuzzi (surrounded by mirrors!) and a hot tub! Could you ask for more for a romantic Valentines Day- nope!
I have only been married since May but I am already learning the importance of getting away with your spouse. It's so revitalizing in your relationship to get away from life for a night or two! A date is great, but getting out of town is amazing. Getting away together is one of my tips for a healthy marriage!
Here's the site for the Post B&B that we stayed at.

This is the backyard with the hot tub and surrounding candles

First off- don't judge me. You don't look great with tangled hair, unbrushed teeth and no makeup. Ha! This was us on the morning we were leaving.

living room- I don't like how this pic turned out but I thought I would still put it up to show you the whole house.




jacuzzi! ( ooo la la!)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day!!

I have to brag on my husband today! On our first Valentines day as a married couple he has been amazing. It's only 10:30 and already I've had breakfast in bed and he surprised me by telling me he booked us a Bed and Breakfast!! Woo Hoo!
So thank you babe! You're the best husband God could have ever given me!!!

You guys brag on your significant others and tell me what they did for you!

Monday, February 11, 2008

night shoot!

If you are in Lubbock tomorrow night some photographers are getting together for a night shoot. Meet at Starbucks on 82nd and Quaker!

Here's my favorite little girl! She came down for a visit this past weekend with her mom and dad. I just love her! This was taken in our back bedroom with really crappy light but I still think she's a cutie in it!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Lost and Workshop

It's Thursday and you know what that means! LOST! Hopefully we'll get some questions answered this week...

Ok! So one of my goals this year is to go to a photographers workshop! I wanted to see if anyone was going to one or even thinking about going to one, or if anyone had any suggestions on a good one to go to. Keep in mind, I'm on a budget here!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lily and Kate- my two besties

If your into girl power songs you'll like these girls! Not only are they kick butt but they're British which means totally sweet accents. I've had an obsession with Lily for awhile now but my husband intoduced me to Kate the other day and I'm so pumped about her. Check Lily out here and check Kate out here.

Emily+David Engagement

I just think these two are so awesome! They are so fun and such a delight to be around! I met Emily a year or so ago through mutual friends and now she's engaged and getting married this May! Can't wait!!

I know this location might be getting old but it's my favorite place to end a session now-a-days! I love the silhouettes!